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literally only here to fill out my navigation pane lmao
Junpei Tenmyouji | Champion Challenger

Has been looking out for Choromatsu and it feels like they've gotten along more. Choromatsu definitely considers Junpei a friend at this point. He's also really fond of the "Sketch" nickname; finally a nickname that isn't about masturbating or being a virgin. Junpei also takes care of Yuuri and the two of them are cute together, which better stay the same OR ELSE.....
Rhys | Champion Hacker

one interaction, already wants to go kim kardashian "DON'T BE RUDE" on this dude NONE OF THAT MATTERS ANYMORE HE FLIPPED OFF P.A.L. A GOOD DUDE.
He's kinda mad that he and Angel killed themselves but... he also can't blame him. At least he was there for her until the end and clearly cared for her.
Mai Kawasumi | Champion Scapegoat

It's not fair... it was an accident it--
"Please accept me"
Everything about this is so rotten...
Ardyn Izunia | Champion of the Infernian

World sounds like a clusterfuck. But seems like an okay guy.
So turning out to be a genocidal villain definitely lowered Choromatsu's opinion of the guy, but his story is pretty messed up. And then he acts nice sometimes??? This is a constantly fluctuating purple/blue heart. Choromatsu has no clue what to ultimately think of weird jrpg hobo jesus guy.
Clarith | Champion Bystander

Reminder to self: give her that flower. FLOWER HAS BEEN GIVEN.
She gave him a hug at the trial to cheer him up and she's been there a lot for Takumi/helped them stop him from getting a KNIFE. Clarith is good.
Is trying to ignore her attempts to be nice to P.A.L. because he can understand it from a survival standpoint but it doesn't make him comfortable.
Angel | Champion Traitor

ALSO CUTE. It's nice not being the shortest here. Surely the cookies will work out one day HE BELIEVES IN YOU ANGEL.
Called him wonderful after the second trial which made Choro cry like a little baby. ; A;
In the end became one of the people he was closest to here. If Takumi was like a younger brother, then Angel was like an older sister. She was there to comfort him when he needed it and he really cared for her in that platonic sense. It's what made him so angry to hear her dad was such a douchebag - she deserves better. And he really wishes he could have given her better. He thought about asking if she wanted to come to his world but never had the chance to say it. He also feels like he wasn't there for her like the way she was for him and has a lot of regret about that.
Now that she's gone and he knows the circumstances of her death, he doesn't know what to believe in anymore. It's shaken him a lot.
Takumi | Champion Tactician

Roomie and fellow "comes from a big family" guy. Not so bad even if sometimes aggravating. They are both the grumpy bros in their fams so the dynamic is a welcome change for Choro but also still familiar enough for him. He's gone from being friendly to subconsciously treating him as a substitute for his brothers, and after that last trial they've even pushed their beds together to sleep in the same space (he's shared a bed with his brothers his whole life so this isn't weird to him). Shit's gonna hurt when it's Taco's turn to die.
Yeah so. That hurt like a bitch holy fuck.
Takumi's death has messed Choro up really badly. Without him, it feels like one of his pillars is gone. He's lost and angry, and feels like he lost a brother for real.
He just wants to see him again...
Finn | Champion of the Resistance

Joined him in pointing out that P.A.L. is a bastard and is overall a good dude.
:( He may not have been super close with him but he was still a good guy and this was awful.
Heart | Champion of Compassion

Look, I told you booze was enough for a blue heart.
He is going to be laughing about the lingerie thing for a long time.
Mary Batson | Champion Twin

Another twin! Made him feel better about his failed omurice.
Choro keeps thinking about what her twin will think when he finds out and it kills him, honestly.
Mikaela | Champion of the Millenium Tree

Homare Nishitani | Champion Chairman of the Kijin Clan, A Subsidiary of the Omi Alliance

Keeps calling him weak WHICH LIKE... okay, he's rational enough to know that to a yakuza he absolutely is, but it still ticks him off.
Roland | Champion of Lokapala

Sometimes says things that go over Choromatsu's poor head. But still an okay guy. Appreciates all the little times he's been nice to him.
Still feels angry and hurt about what happened to Takumi. Logically he knows that it's not Roland's fault but P.A.L.'s but he can't... look past that, no matter how hard he tries. That being said, hating him doesn't make him feel any better either. He doesn't know how he feels yet. He still needs time.
Leonard Church | Champion Ghost

Mad respect for being willing to go down in the name of defying P.A.L. even if it was kinda dumb. That is not something Choro would ever agree to but he can respect it regardless.
Queenie Goldstein | Champion Pukwudgie

Is actually exactly Choro's type looks wise which means he's going to be embarrassing. Thankfully not a conman in disguise like last time :V As predicted, he is indeed downright embarrassing around her.
Oh god she kissed him, that was his first kiss, IT WAS PLAYFUL BUT IT WAS HIS FIRST KISS!!!! good bye world
Has been there a lot during all this. Choro really likes her and feels comforted when he's around her, though they're both hurting.
Nari Reno | Champion Elementalist

After avoiding her for a while is starting to feel she's not so bad. Maybe she's like Ichimatsu? Prickly but actually just lonely and scared? He really appreciated it when she came to check up on him and brought him food. The stuff she said really helped.
More importantly though, she makes Cece happy. And if she makes Cece happy then Choro is just going to be happy for them both.
Arianna | Champion Sovereign

Oh god she is so cute but also he had to explain heterosexuality to her fml.
Acknowledged his contributions at the trial and just.... ;__; I die
Yuuri Wakasa | Champion Green Thumb

Cute in that big sister way!! Appreciates how supportive and helpful she is regarding his crush on Cece. Also these two fucks are awful schemers. Green Pals are Bad. He loves scheming with her.
She got Choro to break down crying and admit he loves his brothers, then reassured him that they probably love him too. That was really important to him. She's been there for him this whole time and he's definitely noticed.
Has taken to calling her "Rii-chan". Is lowkey starting to think of her as a younger sister HOPEFULLY THAT ISN'T THE KISS OF DEATH OR ANYTHING......
Lee Wisniewski | Champion Comeback

Kip Larimer | The Host

Maybe not so bad?????? DEFINITELY not so bad.
Comforted him when he was upset about Takumi and his brothers. Reassured him that his brothers should be fine.
Cece Diver | The Intern

He has such a big crush, it's gross.
He still has really strong feelings for her but their friendship is also important to him. He's sad that in the end she's with someone else but honestly? So long as she's happy that's what's important. He'll probably always have feelings for her but they don't matter in comparison to her feelings and happiness. So long as Nari treats her right and continues making her happy, that's good enough for him.

...I can't believe I'm playing a character that's the anti-nice guy for a change what the FUCK this is weird.

Fuck this piece of shit, he's a bastard. Mai's powers may have been at fault but he is still blaming him for making them kill her. Even Lee-- well no, okay, Lee made that choice all on her own and is a bitch for it but she just wanted out. She wouldn't have wanted out if she wasn't trapped here in the first place and that's the only reason he's like... 90% mad at her, 10% mad at P.A.L. and whoever else put them here.
so, again: #FuckPAL. #FuckTheProducers.
Also that cake looked evil.
Osomatsu, Karamatsu, Ichimatsu, Jyushimatsu & Todomatsu

Please be okay..........

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