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  • Airlocked Unitard - Tries to avoid wearing if he can. (2) yeah these fuckers can burn with the rest of the Fantasy Sweet.
  • Modest Clothing - A pair of full-length black pants and a loose-fitting white turtleneck. It looks like something from an incredibly repressed futuristic society.
  • Green Hoodie Outfit - Default outfit of the third born son.
  • Identical Pajamas - Comfy pjs purchased in bulk by a mother who still prefers saving money over telling her sons apart.
  • Kaerumatsu - A green frog onesie. It's soft and fleecy.
  • Green Plaid Outfit - Choromatsu's other main outfit.
  • Official Osomatsu-san Lingerie - Exactly what it sounds like. Includes babydoll and bloomers. Cuter than it has any right to be. This pair has green accents.

  • Concert Penlight - Mistaken for glowsticks by foreigners, these are a much needed staple of all idol fans. Can change between 15 different colours!
  • Good Vibes - A small, battery-powered device approximately the size and shape of a tube of chapstick. It vibrates pleasantly when the end is twisted.
  • Cat Pillow - An incredibly soft pillow that looks like a sleeping cat. (Taken from the dumbwaiters after Takumi died)
  • Takumi's Hair Ribbon - One of his hair ribbons. (Received from Queenie)
  • Takumi's Letter - Jess is a monster.
  • Takumi's Letter for Queenie (Holding onto it until Queenie is ready to read it. Dirty now because he had to dig it back out of the memorial plot.)
  • Miso Soup Kit - Everything you need to make homemade miso soup! (2)
  • Butt Stallion Plushie - Though not entirely made of diamonds, this purple Pandoracorn is still a lovingly recreated version of everyone’s favorite diamond pony. Attempts to sell the diamond eyes or horns will result in your hands being fed to threshers. (Taken from Angel's stuff after her death)
  • Matsuno Family Album - Contains photos of six identical boys (and their parents) as they grow from babies to full fledged adults. (Received from Junpei)
  • Beat Up Cat Plush - A black stuffed cat that's seen far better days. Looks both ugly and disturbing. (Received from Yuuri)
  • Blanket - A very large, very soft blanket. It looks like wool, but it feels like being wrapped in a big warm cloud.
  • Soft Armwarmers - A pair of long green knitted fingerless mitts that go up to the elbow. They have a repeating clover pattern down the outside, and ribbing on the underside to make sure that they'll fit.
  • Choromatsu's Portable CD Player - Has his name right on it. Comes with green headphones and a Nyaa Hashimoto CD already inside. The music sounds like a mix between generic fluffy J-Pop and the Nyancat song.
  • Takumi's Cat Pillow - An incredibly soft pillow that looks like a sleeping cat. (Left at Takumi's memorial for him taken back so he can return it to Takumi)
  • Amateur Friendship Bracelets - Made several, with the ribbons he received before and material he found around the Sweet. Will give his extras to anyone who wants one, but keeps four for himself to remember what he's living for (red/green, blue/pink, purple/yellow, orange/red: his family).
  • Picture of Earth 5 - Choromatsu's Earth. Found during the final investigation.
  • Kip's Notes on Choromatsu - Found during the final investigation, decoded by Junpei.

Willing to Trade
  • Trumpet - It's a trumpet, for people who like to toot their own horn.
  • Glitter Cannon Refills - Refill rounds for a glitter cannon. They'd probably break open if you threw them with enough force anyway.
  • Permanent Marker - An incredibly large permanent marker with an aluminum casing. The instructions say to make sure there's adequate ventilation before use.
  • Heartburn Medicine - A bottle of heartburn medication. But can it fix a broken heart?
  • Heating Pad - A pad that creates heat when plugged in. It has adjustable settings for maximum comfort.
  • Body Pillow - A long rectangular pillow, perfect for hugging at night. Can even be a substitute brother, if you need one.

  • Nishitani's Underwear - Seeing as how "none" is not a valid answer, I hereby declare that Nishitani wears a pair of invisible (read: nonexistent) underwear. Popularized by 80s fashion trends, these undies has the added benefits of offering plenty of room to move in and provide absolutely no support for a man's junk at all. If you've ever wanted to just let 'em dangle, these are the undies for you. (Going to "lose" this immediately.)
  • Fruit and Nut Basket - A large red straw basket filled with oranges, grapefruits, several varieties of apples, pecans, walnuts, and Brazil nuts. Unfortunately, a nutcracker is not included. (2)
    (Eaten at some point. The second one came from Church and he ate it.)
  • Formal Clothes - a white and green suit. He's taken to wearing once the pants and button up shirt now. (THEY TOOK IT FROM HIM. THE BASTARDS.)
  • The L is for Brotherly Love - Starting Monday, this outfit will replace Choromatsu's formalwear outfit. He will still have two champion unitards that will be laundered regularly. (fuck you if you think he's keeping this)
  • Takumi's Poisonous Drink - Seriously Takumi WHAT THE FUCK. (Dropped it and it shattered on the floor)
  • Takumi's Letter for Junpei (Given to Junpei)
  • The Good Stuff - A bottle full of large white pills. The label says "Oxycodone." (3 used. Confiscated during investigation.)
  • Takumi's Homemade Shiv - Takumi what the fuck. (Taken as evidence during investigation)
  • Hot Chocolate - A packet of powdered chocolate. Mix it with hot milk or water for a warm, delicious treat. (Used.)
  • Antibiotic Gel - A gel with antibiotic properties. Makes wounds heal 40% faster than soap and water alone. (2) (used on his arms)
  • Takumi's Map - Has poisonous plants marked on it. (Torn up.)
  • Orange Ribbon - Made by Clarith. Meant to honor the dead. Inspired by Roland's letter, orange being the colour of his tribe. (Received from Nari. Used to make a friendship bracelet.)
  • Red Ribbon - Made by Clarith. Meant to honor Kip's sudden passing. (Received from Nari. Used to make a friendship bracelet.)

Underwear (all stashed away so no one finds out he has any AND IT IS GOING TO BURN WITH THE SWEET B/C FUCK BEING DISCOVERED WITH THESE)
  • Nari's Underwear - Pair of tie-dyed boyshorts. Pink, blue, and green.
  • Yuuri's Underwear - Dark purple, and adorned with lavender frills. They give off a composed, lady-like sort of air.