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NOTE: This page only applies to Airlocked. Please go here for Ryslig impressions.

☄ First Impressions

♚ VISUAL: Choromatsu is a young Japanese adult man in his early 20's (the actual age is never specified beyond "over 20" but the P.I.P. lists 21). While his height and weight aren't listed on the P.I.P., he is 5'3" tall in height, and very light in weight. His build is thin and scrawny, though healthy. Despite his age, he still has a round baby face. He has short black hair that he keeps meticulously tidy, with no stray hairs (he is the only one of the sextuplets with none). The style is akin is a bowl cut, with a full, straight fringe (more on this in "other"). His eyes are brown and noticeably beadier than his brothers. He is known to have an angular mouth that he often likens to the へ (he) kana.

♚ FASHION: Prefers slightly more formal clothes like button up shirts and slacks - he'll even wear a button up under a hoodie. His favorite colour is green and he wears it constantly. Also fond of plaid patterns. His trademark hoodie is his favorite thing to wear. A lot of his clothing has a simplified Japanese pine tree symbol on them, due to "matsu" meaning pine. For a list of his current outfits, check his inventory.

♚ POSTURE: Straight and proper.

♚ SOUND: Voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya. If you've heard his take on Itoshiki-sensei from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (you know, "Internet has left me in despair" guy) it's literally exactly that voice again. Some voice samples:
Rip in peace Karamatsu 1
Rip in peace Karamatsu 2
Rip in peace Karamatsu this time featuring Todomatsu
Choromatsu version of second ending theme (with Totoko)
Yelling compliation
Nervous voice cracking when talking to girls
Why he's the useless heterosexual
He has no singing samples but here's Kamiyan singing Aloha e Komo mai anyway

♚ SCENT: He has no specific scent, but he is very hygienic. Essentially he should smell clean and inoffensive.

♚ OTHER: Osomatsu-san has a very simple, cartoony style but despite that, Choromatsu shouldn't look like a child. He is short and does have a baby face so teenager is fine, but he should definitely look like an adult. Additionally, "less stylized" interpretations of his hair vary from artist to artist. To other characters, he could look anywhere from this, this or even this. (Art credits to [ profile] blacklimes, [ profile] denpasei and こまめきくこ respectively.) This doesn't matter too much obviously, but since there IS so much variance in the fandom I figured it was worth saying.