You Are All Pirates

Sep. 24th, 2017 09:23 pm
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[Months later, and there's a new crew of space pirates cruising the stars.

Of course, Mozu's not entirely into the piracy angle, so maybe it's mostly InterGal-affliated targets that get looted and destroyed. That seems ethical, right? You need to support yourselves in some way, and without a legal existence in this galaxy, your options are few. There's not much hard information on the network to find online anyway - plenty of ads and publitiy, but no locations, not even the names of their executives.

There's been no sign of other survivors, either.

But the last ship you raided was carrying a stock of Yl'lb Ein the Science Mind recordings for sale, and further investigation proves that the alien on the cover is a legitimate scientist, specializing in robotics. Someone like that, employed by the network, might know something about the PIPs; he might even be the person who invented them in the first place.

You couldn't find any home address for him, but you did track down a speaking engagement, and though the place is a little too crowded to really access the man, you can follow his ship when he leaves. Maybe you lose track of him once or twice, in such a busy area, but eventually you can find the ship parked openly in a Sparbuck's docking bay.

Noctis needs his pumpkin space fix. Two birds, one stone?]

Final Trial...?

Sep. 23rd, 2017 12:36 pm
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[With their investigation of Blaze Dudely's ship complete and still none of the Flavortown robots in sight, the surviving Champions amd their counselor have a little time to come together and share their findings. The communal living area of the pirate ship seems like the best place for that.

They may want to be wary though. There's still no sight nor sound of Blaze Dudely or his robots anywhere.]

Final Investigation

Sep. 22nd, 2017 01:53 pm
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[It's been about 24 hours since CT was killed. Blaze has made no other moves, and his robots are mysteriously absent.

In fact, it's almost too quiet.

But then there's a note in Pyrrha's PIP that...she didn't write.]

Week 6, Monday Gathering

Sep. 17th, 2017 03:58 pm
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[ On Sunday night, all of the remaining survivors-- as well as Price and Blazely, should they choose to show-- will find an invitation under their doors. She won't force them, but it appears Fukawa has planned her first get together. She was anxious about it, because she'd never hosted... anything before. The idea of people not coming actually scared her. But she couldn't give up. She owed it to Leon. So there it is. The note reads as follows. ]
Monday, 12:00 P.M.
Mess Hall

I know I thought it was stupid when we first started meeting like this after trials. But it was an important act of solidarity I think. After this past week, it's more important than ever that we all come together. We've all lost people we cared about at this point and that's why that can't be allowed to happen again. It would be an insult to the person who's responsible for all of us standing her right now.

Things that hurt us have happened time and time again. But we always get back up. I believe that this group can put a stop to the killing.

If Hope's Peak taught me anything it's that no matter how bad it gets or how bleak the future looks, you should never lose hope.

I won't make anyone come but I hope you all do.

- Touko Fukawa -

[ She worked hard to set up food for everyone-- soup, pasta, sandwiches-- simple things but, enough for everyone to eat. Once there, she'll encourage them to share stories they haven't-- adventures they've had, people they're fighting for, things they still want to do... She wants to see them all strengthen themselves for the days to come. If they can then maybe... maybe this can be where they really end the killing.]

Week 6

Sep. 17th, 2017 02:50 pm
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[Six weeks later, and fifteen people are dead. All of you have lost someone important, from friends to family to lovers. Yet there is still hope. Most of you banded together to protect your own yesterday, and with an entirely unexpected act of mercy from Blaze Dudely, it seems like the winds may finally be starting to blow in your favor. It even feels a bit warmer in the penitentiary this week, though tension still hangs heavy in the air.

On Sunday morning, the last of your memories will return to you. There is nothing for you now but - maybe, somehow - to find a way out of here.]

Sunday | Monday | Tuesday

(( Welcome to endgame, everyone! As you can see, this week will ICly be shorter, with endgame beginning for your characters on Wednesday, but rest assured, the final investigation/trial will still be on Friday and Saturday as usual. Keep an eye out for an OOC endgame post on Tuesday.

There will be no official AC this week, just a check-in, and all characters will now be at their true canon points. Also, Monday is your last chance for regains! Get those benefactor threads in! ))