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Matsuno Choromatsu ([personal profile] shikosuki) wrote2016-08-15 08:23 pm

OOC Contact & Permissions

▷ Player Info

▶ NAME: Lynsey
▶ PRONOUNS: she/her
▶ OVER 18?: yes
▶ TIMEZONE: mountain
▶ PLURK: [ profile] mulberii
▶ FRIENDING: If we are in the same game you are free to friend my plurk, so long as there is some indication of who you are/who you play. Something in your plurk info is enough. I will not accept friend requests from random people not in the same games.
▶ OTHER CONTACT: I use discord primarily, but I will not give it out publicly. If you want it you must ask for it. Again, I will not give it out to random people. My PMs are always open though, but again with strangers not from my games I may be hesitant to respond.

▷ IC Permissions

▶ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: God, if you're a girl he'll probably die. I don't have a problem with people being affectionate with him, though sexual stuff should be run by me first. If Choromatsu doesn't like your character doing it then he'll just punch them lmao.
▶ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: Punches and smacks and stuff are fine, but anything that can cause actual damage should be run by me first. DO NOT KILL OR MAIM HIM WITHOUT PREVIOUS OOC PLANNING.
▶ RELATIONSHIPS: p l e a s e. Choromatsu is a thirsty boy.
▶ PSYCHIC & PSIONIC INFORMATION: If you read my character's mind or gleam shit from his bracket narration or anything similar without my permission I will immediately drop the thread. On a similar note, infomodding is my BIGGEST pet peeve in rp, so if I catch even a whiff of it I won't thread with you.

▷ OOC Permissions

▶ BACKTAGGING: Hells yeah, pal.
▶ THREADHOPPING: Go for it man, threadjacks are great. I do appreciate being asked if the thread is kinda serious but honestly 95% of the time I love them.
▶ FOURTHWALLING: Osomatsu-kun/Osomatsu-san is very well known in Japan so I'm cool with this most of the time. He already knows he's from an anime so it's not gonna break his world or anything. Again though, I don't appreciate infomodding, so don't use this as excuse to know every single thing about Choromatsu.
▶ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: I have a high tolerance for some stuff and not many triggers worth mentioning BUT!! I do not ship incest with Choromatsu in games OR memes! Do not even approach me about it. Additionally I don't really appreciate jokes about sensitive topics like rape, homophobia, etc.
▶ ANYTHING ELSE?: nah not really.